Since the late 1970s, Patrick has been educating outsiders about sexual minority issues (gay and lesbian, bisexual people, transgendered people, the BDSM community, sex workers, etc.). He has been one of the most prolific and outspoken voices in favor of freedom of sexual expression between consenting adults.

Unfortunately, Patrick has been unable to work full-time since September 2002. He has lived with fibromyalgia, a chroic auto-immune disease that causes muscle pain and fatigue, for several years. The fibromyalgia has gotten bad enough to cause nerve damage in his legs and hands. Perhaps because of the fibro, he currently has severe tendonitis in his arms and hands and so typing is very difficult for him.

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Right now, Patrick is staying with friends in the San Francisco Bay Area and trying to set up a private practice as a therapist and continue to publish his work and attend leather community events. He very much appreciates the generosity of friends and the entire leather community, in making it possible for him to meet his survival needs and escape from social isolation.

Although Patrick is not wheelchair-bound, an electric chair or scooter and a van with a lift would make it much easier for him to participate in conferences, street fairs, and other community events. He also could really benefit from voice recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and a PC computer. (He is currently using a Mac laptop, and VSR for the Mac is of poor quality.) Used equipment is gladly accepted!

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Information on Patrick Califia's new novel,
Mortal Companion, available here.

Information on Patrick Califia's bookstore,
event, and workshop dates available here.

Donations to help him to continue to work and
live independently would be very much appreciated.

Checks or money orders in US funds can be sent to:

Patrick Califia
2215R Market Street, No. 261
San Francisco, CA 94114

For charges and non-US funds,
Patrick has a PayPal account under [email protected]

email Patrick Califia

This site will soon be expanding to include more information
about Patrick's history, writing career, passions, and future projects.

In the meantime, you can read more about Patrick and his work
at the Suspect Thoughts Press website.